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Bring a PEZ dispenser to work day!

November 30, 2011

Lets make Nov 30th, "Bring your PEZ dispenser to work day"! Bring a smile and a PEZ dispenser to work.
Here is the letter that got this idea started:

Here’s a little known fact, Nov 30 2010, My Office Sales Group held what I believe to be the first “BRING YOUR PEZ DISPENSER TO WORK DAY” .
It was a last minute idea and I distributed about a dozen PEZ characters from a “grab bag” to my co workers. The “BRING YOUR PEZ DISPENSER TO WOR...K DAY” was a hit. We are in advertising and this is our busy season with print and online sale going crazy, it’s a very busy time and “BRING YOUR PEZ DISPENSER TO WORK DAY” made people SMILE!
To your knowledge has “BRING YOUR PEZ DISPENSER TO WORK DAY” been done before?
Thanks for your Help.