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Quick ideas for using the PEZ Presidential Fun Facts Calendar.

  • Post the calendar in a learning center. Then have students choose one of the activities each day.

  • Create a quick seatwork solution! Have students staple the calendar on the outside of a file folder. Each day, have students choose one of the activities and complete it on notebook paper. Then students keep the notebook paper inside the folder. They can work on this anytime they have a few minutes to spare.

  • Have small groups become presidential experts! Assign a small group of students to each of the five presidents. Have group members each select an activity to complete. Then invite groups to present their work to the class.

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Click below now to print your
PEZ Presidential Fun Facts Calendar!
Volume 1  |  Volume 2  |  Volume 3

Volumes 4 & 5  |  Volumes 6 & 7   |  Volumes 8 & 9


Kids love PEZ! Motivate your students with the new PEZ Presidential Dispensers. Here’s how!

  • Add a fun twist to a research project. Ready for students to research the presidents? Place several sets of PEZ Presidential Dispensers in a bag. Invite students to reach in and choose one. Then have each student create a report for the president he or she selected. Students will enjoy snacking on their PEZ candies as they write their reports!

  • Make a mini-museum! Place your PEZ Presidential Dispensers in a central spot in your classroom. Next, have students find facts about the presidents and write them on index cards. Display them around each PEZ Presidential Dispenser in your classroom mini-museum!

  • Create a sorting activity. Challenge students to sort the PEZ Presidential Dispensers in different ways, such as by the state where the president was born or by the month in which he was born. Remind students to refer to their PEZ Presidential Trading Cards to find their facts.

  • Fill your prize box! PEZ Presidential Dispensers make a timely class reward!