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Royal PEZ set

March 29, 2011

The announcement will surely be big news all day - and longer: one of the world's most iconic brands has created one of the year's most iconic collectibles. A set of PEZ dispensers representing Prince William and Catherine Middleton. They will be auctioned on eBay - to be precise. 

For those of us in Silicon Valley, eBay for Charity may look like another local employer, but we all know it's one of our terrific ideas that has gone global. And the background story that Silicon Valley mavens know is that the idea for eBay was based on founder Pierre Omidyar's girlfriend who was a keen PEZ collector and wanted to set up an online platform for exchanging the PEZ figurines.

Beginning April 7 and going through April 17, offers can be made for the royal PEZ couple on the ‘eBay for Charity’ auction. The proceeds will all go to a charity supported by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Even the most stringent nutritionist might splurge
Of course even the fitness crowd understands this offering isn't about gobbling up those yummy PEZ candies, but about the collectible value.  However, even if you are died-in-the-wool against white sugar, the nutritional offerings (or nutritional sins if you choose to view it that way) in a roll of PEZ is pretty insignificant. In the 9 g roll sold in the US there are 35 calories, no fat, no sodium, and 9 grams of sugar.  Also no protein if you were wondering.


Article written by; Amy Rabinovitz  of the San Jose Fitness Examiner